Oleg Tamulilingan, Balinese Dance Of Love

Oleg Tamulilingan the dance for those who are in love. Oleg Tamulilingan came from two Balinese word, Oleg means graceful movement and Tamulilingan means bumblebee, combined to named a creative art of dance that was created in 1952. Inspired by the photographs of classical ballet duet "Sleeping Beauty" about the love story princess Aurora with her lovely Prince Charming, who shown to I Ketut Marya by a Western cultural observer that lived in Kaliungu, Denpasar, John Coast.

Oleg tamulilingan tells about a couple of bumblebees, which was having an romance in the flower garden. Performed by a couple of teenagers. This dance is very fascinating with a beautiful movement, Balinese dancer boys and girls always dreamed to performed this dance perfectly. Aside from being a symbol of romance, Oleg Tamulilingan movements also contains a Balinese beauty characteristic.
I Ketut Marya A.K.A I Ketut Mario by the western tongue and his oleg tamulilingan dance have been blend and legendary. Indeed, oleg tamulilingan created through a complicated process by a unique I Ketut Mario personallity. Artsitic expression that accumulated in oleg tamulilingan dance, it is entirely aesthetic formulations of I Ketut Marya. But the accompaniment which is a conceptual framework in a choreography, Mario supported by formidable gambelan (Balinese Music) expert I Wayan Sukra from Marga village Tabanan regency, and perfected by Anak Agung Gde Mandera, Gusti Kompyang and Wayan Lebah from Peliatan, Gianyar.

Tabanan government by the Education and Culture board of Tabanan built a in house stage named I ketut Marya stage to eternize his name as a legendary artist from Tabanan and also build a sculpture of oleg tamulilingan dancer in front of the building. Nowadays, to stimulate the youngster and preserve this artwork, Tabanan government had good intentions to held a Oleg Tamulilingan and Kebyar Terompong (other dance that created by I Ketut Marya) dance competition.

To be a performer of oleg tamulilingan dance needs a hard work to practice and learn the dance, its quite different with other modern Balinese dance. The movement are specific and has to be danced with sense of a happy lovers. It is kinda rare to see the performance of oleg tamulilingan in this day among the crowd of Balinese dance growth. But oleg tamulilingan always be one of material that need to be teach at a Balinese dance studio, so it will be keep alive and sustainable.