Panji Semirang

Panji Semirang dance is a dance that depicts a princess named Galuh Candrakirana, disguised as a man after losing her husband. In his wanderings he changed his name to Raden Panji. Automatic, for this dance we have to dashing, altogether there should not be tucked female movement. His name is also in disguise. This dance is danced by women, not men.
Panji Semirang Dance Chronicle in Bali, depicting the odyssey Galuh Candrakirana disguised as a man to find his girlfriend Raden Panji Inu Kertapati. This dance includes son finely dance usually danced by female dancers. Panji Semirang dance is a creation I Nyoman Kaler in 1942.


Manukrawa Dance

Manukrawa dance was first created in 1981 by I Wayan Dibia ( choreographer ) , and I Wayan Beratha ( composer ) . Before becoming a freelance dance , dance ballet Manukrawa is part of the Mahabharata Bale Gala - Gala Ramayana ballet team work / Mahabharata Bali Province is shown in the Bali Arts Festival 1980 . Manukrawa dance composition: Dance is performed by a group ( between 5 to 7 people ) is a female dancer dance new kreasis describe the behavior of a group of birds ( Manuk ) water ( swamp ) as told in the story of the epic Mahabharata Parwa Wana .

History of Manukrawa dance , her movements are taken from classical Balinese dance combined with dance movements of Javanese and Sundanese , which has been modified in accordance with the demands of beauty .

As well as dance and dance Cendrwasih grouse from Bali . Manukarawa dance inspired from birds Manukrawa itself. Manukrawa taken from Manuk word meaning bird . So manukrawa is a bird that lives in the swamp. So do not be surprised if the dance movement resembles Manukrawa the swamp bird. Manukrawa dance is part of the Mahabharata Bale Gala - Gala team works Ramayana / Mahabharata Bali Province which shown in the Bali Arts Festival on 1980 .

Dance and movement
This dance depicts a group of swamp birds that was joking fun while foraging . This dance is usually performed or played by small children, not adult transform. In terms of dance moves Manukarawa more squat - stand.

If viewed from the dancers performed by the children , not like other Balinese dance tends to be played by adults and has a magical value, Manukrawa has no particular purpose. In general Manukrawa dance only as mere entertainment for children. Besides, as a medium to learn as the bird manukrawa familiar with Balinese tradition.